Friday, February 6, 2009

Nicole at The Lookout at Chuckanut Ridge (Picture by Adam)

I Hike

I pick the direction of the river
I walk
I climb
I hike
Push myself to the edge
A stream beneath me
Spruces, ponderosas, aspens
The breeds of the trees
Mixing together
If only we could learn to live
As harmoniously as the forest
The tall trees personify
Into giant ancient people
Once hiking the edge of the river
Now frozen, putting roots down
Shades of green blend so delicately
The red bark a brilliant contrast
The flowers splashing color
My eyes overwhelmed

Mother Earths body
Her face, back and hands
Create an unexplored world before me
My dreams of her
Before this moment
Were lovely but nothing like this
A blend of imperfections and pleasures
Making an addicting cocktail
My soul becomes happily drunk
I wait for my body to attune to hers

With her alluring body before me
I become keenly aware of my own
My curves and my strength
My browns and tans
My bright blue eyes like the river
I walk beside this river
In the direction of the frozen giants
I hike

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Boulevard at Night (Bellingham, WA) Picture by Adam

Inspired by the sunrise
Kissed by the dew
Put to rest by the sunset
Rocked to sleep by stars on blue

All our days go round
And the world moves on it’s own
Flashes many colors to seasons passing by
Never should we feel alone

Breathe it in
Sometimes it feels like a fairy tale
There’s a bay of untouched charm
Waiting for your empty pail